Almora – A Land of Natural Landscape

Almora – Kumaon region is a picturesque destination in the east of Uttarakhand in India. This is a stunning site where one can see the great combination of regular panorama. The captivating panoramic sight of the Himalayas, striking valleys, beautiful green woodlands and equestrian highland brooks calls tourists from different parts of the world every year. It is also called ‘Switzerland of India‘ due to its extraordinary natural beauty, ironic artistic legacy and monuments, gentle handicrafts, appetizing meal and foreign wildlife. Some famous tourist attractions of this place are:

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Ranikhet – A Paradise in Uttarakhand

During British rule in India, it was a mutual tradition to visit the hills to avoid heat problems and Uttarakhand was the obvious choice for the nearest destination, power station, summer return nearest from Delhi. However, the location of the distance was not the only reason for being chosen as a summer getaway. With many other Himalayan wonders, the cool hills and blossoming valleys make an ideal destination for opening and rejuvenation of Uttarakhand. Many of the options for Uttarakhand were prevalent with natural happiness and one of the places of interest for the British who repeatedly entered this area, Ranikhet scores as a top destination.

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Jim Corbett National Park – Paradise for nature Lovers

Legendary naturalist writer Jim Corbett has done his work today in and around the Corbett National Park. The national park was built in 1936 as Hailey National Park first. Later, the national park was name after Jim Corbett. Wildlife paramours always make their way in India whenever they start planning a journey. Once in India, it is likely that the Corbett National Park is where they will go onward. The park is sited in Uttarakhand state and famous among wildlife admirers from all over the world. The motive for this is clearly the park’s rich and varied wildlife. However, apart from this, the park is also known for its heritage. The area became a hotspot for its adventures. Apart from this, Park also has the distinction of being India’s first Tiger Reserve and Asia’s oldest national park.

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Wildlife Experience in Jim Corbett National Park


Many tourists around the globe prefer to discover the natural environment in an effort to realize the standing of wildlife as well as its kin importance. Threatened, yet foreign species of flora and fauna are not only interested in those who realize the significance of ecology but rather appreciate the goodwill of nature that nature is fundamentally shown. Perhaps due to such an dispute, Corbett is more widely known as Jim Corbett National Park, one of the most required after ecotourism destinations in India. Because of the tourists arriving during the peak season, hotels are fully packed in Corbett. It can be easily understood by the fact that almost 70,000 tourists visit Corbett every season.

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Explore Nainital : Zoo and Best winter Season


Nainital is naturally the most beautiful place, worth seeing here. Nainital is a very beautiful experience for nature lovers. Nainital is a beautiful hill station that boasts beautifully around you, the less praise it is to be less, because there is no answer to its beauty, its weather and its fresh air is not worth any. We realize this when we go to Nainital. It is fun to roam Nainital in the winter season, due to the snowfall in the upper areas; the effect of the cold is also seen very much. Nainital welcomes you with snowy winds in the winter season, so let’s go to the hot decoration to go here. From December to February, this place is covered with ice from all sides. If high white snow grows on high heights, then the sight of it is worth seeing. Continue reading “Explore Nainital : Zoo and Best winter Season”

My First Visit To Nainital With Wildlife Safari

Nainital Wildlife

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